A soft pear-shaped inverted flowers with the seeds being the actual fruit with sweet dark flesh and many small seeds 

Did you know

Figs are higher in fiber than any other fresh or dried fruit per serving, containing about five to six grams per ¼ cup (about three figs). They are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron, and are also an excellent source of polyphenols, plant-based chemicals thought to play a role in fighting disease. Research reports that figs are one of the healthiest dried fruits, with “superior quality” antioxidants [1].


Skin Disorders | Weight Management | Diabetes | Heart Health | Digestion

Weight loss & Diabetes

Although the figs is a medium GI,GL fruit (61, 11.7), it is also extremely high in fiber, which may play a role in making people feel full faster and slowing absorption of calories, thereby aiding in weight loss. The type of fiber found in figs may reduce the risk of developing adult-onset diabetes (type 2) by slowing down the digestion and absorption of sugars in foods.

Ketogenic Diet

Figs have net carbs (g) of 16 – which is nearly 50-90% the allowable daily carb intake on the kept diet. If you are on the keto diet it might be better to skip figs unless you plan on fasting the rest of the day after one serving.


May-Jun and Sept-Oct

Pantry Pointers

  • Choose figs that are slightly soft and bent at the neck.
  • They can only be refrigerated for approximately 2 to 3 days after harvesting
  • Dried figs can be stored for six to eight months without loss of quality. Unopened, they will last for up to two years!
  • The white “frost” that occurs on figs is called “sugaring” and it is a natural occurrence when sugars from the fig rise to the surface. Keep refrigerated to reduce “frost.”

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