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Yoga tutorials focus on yoga basics and flow. I break down the specifics of individual asanas (poses), teach you which muscles you are using and strengthening along with other physical and energetic benefits. This is a great place to find the building blocks of your practice.

Yoga Tutorials

Here’s How to Actually Do a Downward Facing Dog

The downward facing dog pose is probably the first yoga pose you will encounter in most yoga classes. I was astonished to learn in my yoga teacher training that after many years of practicing yoga, I had been approaching downward facing dog all wrong. My arms were not properly rotated, my hands were not completely flat against the mat, and my tailbone was lax – as if it didn’t have a major role to play in getting into this shape. Because this pose is so commonly practiced, many yoga teachers often assume that students know it and instructions and adjustments are overlooked. This tutorial is meant to shed some light on how to improve your down dog and get the full benefit out of this basic yoga pose. Below, I mark a clear pathway to a beautifully inverted V.


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Yoga Tutorials

Yoga Poses to Destress During the Holiday

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You can beat holiday stress or blues, and the inevitable fatigue it causes in your body  with my light 15-minute yoga routine that includes yoga poses to destress. It can enable you to calm down, recharge, and restore your mind to its original state of calm — or at least pre-season equilibrium.

Stress and fatigue are sometimes unwelcome visitors in the course of the festive season. Stress can come as it did for me — an un-welcomed 25 hour delay due to British Airways cancelling 100 flights — mine being one of them. I then still had to travel 19 additional hours to reach my destination. Talking about tight hamstrings, achey back, and general hangry-ness. Aside from travels, holiday stress can also be a by-product of cooking big meals for the family, family re-unions in general, obligatory Christmas parties. decorating your home in preparation for the holiday festivities, or attempting to purchase gifts from over- crowded malls (although online shopping can sort you on that front).

Holiday stress can possibly manifest as aches and pains, general anxiety and/or depression, insomnia or poor sleep, and otherwise dampening your spirits aka transforming you into the living grinch of Christmas.


My simple yoga routine will only cost you about 15 minutes and should be attempted in a quiet area. It includes the following poses:

  • Spine Stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Downward Dog Heel Raises
  • Plank
  • Child’s Pose
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Extended Side Angle
  • Mountain Pose
  • Forward Fold
  • Wide legged Forward Fold

Holding these poses with the breath will help ease you back into harmony. Your body will intuitively return to correct, better alignment. As a result, you will regain your strength and experience the relaxation that only yoga can bring.

You don’t need a mat or yoga props, you can do this anywhere with simply you and your breath.

I hope this helps!

Happy Holidays xx

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Yoga Tutorials

How to Wheel Pose | Yoga Tutorial for all Levels

Wheel pose is an exhilarating backbend that seduces me every time that I come to the mat. The pose’s progression means that beginners can access it by learning it in stages — or by practicing it with blocks. More advanced students can introduce variations that make this playful backbend challenging and fun. Wheel pose is categorised as a symmetrical backward-bending arm support pose. It’s sanskrit name-Urdvha dhanurasana-means upward facing wheel pose—and guess what – Dhanurasana is a woman! In this tutorial I’m going to cover the who, what, why, and how of wheel pose. You will learn wheel pose anatomy, the key actions and benefits of wheel pose, how to improve your wheel and how to practice this backbend with props and blocks. Are you ready? Let’s wheel.


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Yoga Tutorials

Sun Salutations on the Beaches of Thailand

After a long day of practice teaching at Ananda Yoga Detox I took some videos and pics of my practice. I am most proud of my chaturangas which is not easy to do! Check it out! I will follow up with sun salutation instructional soon. I am also pleased to have mastered this as a few rounds of sun salutations will suffice as a morning practice if that is all of the time you have to spare!



Namaste; thanks for watching!

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