European plant resembling a thistle, cultivated for its large flower heads

Did you know

The Artichoke is a Vitamin C-antioxidant superfood packed with phytonutrients that protect against cancer [1] [2]. Artichokes contain the phytochemical cynarin, which aids in digestion by stimulating bile production and may also help to increase appetite. Artichokes contain the flavonoid silymarin, which is thought to protect from heart disease by preventing LDL cholesterol from turning into the more harmful oxidative form [3].


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Weight Loss & Diabetes

An artichoke has a glycemic index ranking of 15, which places it among the very lowest foods on the glycemic index. Scientific evidence shows that the artichoke can help balance blood glucose levels. The phytochemical cynarin present in artichokes can keep the liver from producing too much glucose [4].

Ketogenic Diet

Jerusalem Artichokes have 3.88 net carbs making it a lower carb vegetable that fits the ketogenic diet.

Pantry pointers

  • Choose plump artichoke heavy for size that have heads with tightly closed leaves
  • Check heart for black blemishes by pulling one leaf back
  • White, bronze or blistered appearance does not affect quality during the winter
  • For up to one week refrigerate artichokes in plastic bag
  • To prevent mold growth keep dry


Twelve months a year with peaks in spring and fall.


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